Josie’s Pays Big CASH NOW When You Pawn Your Jewelry!

Josie’s’ Pawn is the market leader when you need to pawn your fine jewelry. The gold and silver buyers Denver store.
We do not buy costume jewelry, but we love to buy or loan for high quality gold and silver jewelry!

If you need a personal loan, bring your jewelry to Denver’s Jewelry Pawn Shop. We are happy to appraise your jewelry for your pawn shop loan:

  • Gold
  • gold buyers denverSilver
  • Watches
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Diamonds
  • Bracelets

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is:

Should I sell or pawn my jewelry?

That’s a great question and although every situation is different there are some important things you should consider in making this decision.

  • How attached are you to this piece of jewelry? – Some items are priceless because they are family heirlooms and in this case you should go with a loan and use your jewelry as collateral. You don’t want to regret departing with your grandma’s ring.
  • What is the value of your jewelry? – Most places that buy gold and silver will give you scrap value for your gold and silver… which basically means the price of gold, silver or platinum at the time. And if you have diamonds in the mounting you’ll get about $1-$4 per point (diamonds are measured in points). So what this actually equates to is about 50% or less of the jewelry’s actual value.

After examining the facts about selling your gold, silver and platinum jewelry, it is wise to really consider a loan vs. selling. You’ll own a valuable item that you can get a loan on forever instead of getting far less than it’s real value by selling it and losing your collateral for future loans.

Josie’s Pawn Store, your home for fast cash loans! We are the home for pawn shop jewelry.

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